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It wasn't until recently I accepted my label as an "Artist. It took majority of my life to realize that the thing that is your constant and sets you free, is what you should pursue.

Art has always been that for me. Since I was introduced crayons, lining them up in rainbow order to when I learned how to shade with pencils. That evolved into paint, until one day I was looking at magazines and fell in love with these fashion designs that I could never afford or probably fit into. I asked my parents for a starter sewing machine that Christmas, and I have been hooked ever since. Sewing was a hobby that turned into passion that evolved into a dream that led me here. It has helped me with my self expression, self growth, empowerment, and acceptance. Every piece in this collection and the ones to come, is near and dear to my heart. So thank you for your support and hope you see yourself in my pieces as I do when I create them.

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